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Anonymous is a love story. A love in a daydreaming universe, with no concrete time reference. Fred and Laura's love

Anonymous is a meticulously-worked short fiction film, produced by HUGO SERRA from the now extinct company FENG SHUI FILMS. This work travelled around the world with excellent reviews, huge impact and over 20 awards to its credit. HUGO SERRA, executive producer, was also responsible for distribution in theatres, television, Internet and DVD, achieving two different releases in this format, individually (through Suevia Films) and as extra content from the movie "The Science of Sleep" by Michel Gondry (through SAV). Besides, Hugo made a deal with a regional TV Broadcaster and has an international sales agreement with the Canadian company Ouat Media!

Anonymous was shortlisted for the 2009 Oscars ® and their rights are managed by HUGO SERRA as an individual producer. "Anonymous", adding other music videos and advertising pieces from the same director (Titan Pozo), and was in stores (on DVD) in FNAC, El Corte Ingles and, amongst others, for almost three years.

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