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Production, Marketing & Distribution

HUGO SERRA provides clients with audio-visual services, executive producer, manager/line producer, marketing, sponsorship research and acquisition, sales, distribution and development of audiovisual projects, primarily for cinema.

HUGO SERRA has provided these services for several companies and projects, like THE END and A CONTRALUZ, (Eduardo Chapero-Jackson/Prosopopeya) LITTLE GALICIA (Alber Ponte/Producciones Sierra Madre) and EL HOMBRE EQUIVOCADO (Roberto Goñi).

In addition, HUGO also produces his own films (shorts, medium-length and features) under his name. TCHANG, EL MOMENTO JUSTO, UN MILAGRO BASTANTE PROBABLE and SHEVERNATZE are just some of the title he has produced, plus several as an associate producer on short-film projects such as BLUE&MALONE DETECTIVES IMAGINARIOS and HORIZONTE

Making of

HUGO SERRA is an expert director/producer of feature films and advertising spots.

HUGO SERRA has worked on several acclaimed productions such as Volver by Pedro Almodóvar (El Deseo) or EL LOBO, Miguel Courtois (Mundo Ficción/Filmax). Also for-TV movies (EL TESORO, Manuel Martín Cuenca) and powerful shorts (THE END, by Eduardo Chapero-Jackson and ADIVINA QUIEN VIENE A COMER MAÑANA, by Pepe Jordana

In advertising, HUGO has experience with Tesauro and RCR, for brands such as Vodafone, Coca-Cola & Dodot. In 2010 he shot the making of an international spot with Cristiano Ronaldo for Castrol.

Corporate Videos & Branded Content

To demonstrate his versatility, HUGO SERRA has worked as director / producer / camera operator for international brands such as Vodafone, Ballantine´s, BMW, Classic Malts, The Sixth, AstraZeneca, on behalf of media agencies such as Ruiz Nicoli Lineas, Digital Flash2Flash, Sineusis, Meyer Action or De Salas Isasa.

One of his major clients since 2009 is elevator manufacturer Schindler, via agency New Com Communication [], commissioned to work as a film producer and consultant.

Hugo is also the production manager for the company EL VIAJE IMPOSIBLE, producing video content for Netthink-Aegis Media, Inspirational-IAB Awards, etc. Hugo had the privilege, on behalf of this production company and agency Arena Media, of working as director/producer of, a successful and award-winning online campaign for FNAC SPAIN in May 2011.

Consultancy, Training & Festivals

HUGO SERRA has extensive experience in providing customized consulting services, under the website

HUGO SERRA has taught several courses and workshops in production with ESCAC, CEV and IORTVE, and is now expanding his partnerships with other schools and institutions. In parallel to the exhibition of the BARATOMETRAJES documentary and SHEVERNATZE independent distribution, Hugo has presented and held workshops on film production and distribution of low-budget film at cinematographic events such as the Festival de Cinema de Comedia de Peñiscola, SUBIMAGEN (Festival de Cine de Zamora) or Jornadas “Presupuesto Cero” ["Zero Budget" Days] in ALCINE (Festival de Cine de Alcalá).

Hugo has also come to organize and schedule Baratometrajes sections for the Spanish Film Festival in Cáceres, the Certamen de Cortometrajes de Avilés or Audiovisual Festival "Atalo en Corto".

Institutional Documentaries

HUGO SERRA, documentary lover and connoisseur of high-quality audio-visual for companies and institutions, received in 2011 a very special assignment: Making a documentary about “The Justice document”, prepared by the Victims of Terrorism Foundation, Maite Pagazaurtundúa presiding. The project was carried out under Gonzalo Visedo’s direction and was materialized with the title "Manifesto para un Final". The video was released to the mass media just weeks before the “End the violence” declaration of ETA terrorist group. This work can be viewed online:

Production Services and Assignment Works

Furthermore, HUGO SERRA has also worked for other production companies, in various positions and on many projects. In September 2012, Hugo, together with seven self-confident people launched -  a group of “heads of department” with the intention of providing assignments and production services immediately. includes a 100% reliable recommendation system of key positions in the audiovisual production, according to the current market needs.

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