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SHEVERNATZE has been a great challenge. Who said it’s impossible to move forward while going backwards? No matter upside down or back to front, some things work all the same. As unusual as the story told in the movie, this film’s truly independent production has encountered a long and tricky road, once incorporated Hugo Serra, in order to take it to the big screen. Due to the lack of support by the major TV networks or public institutions, Shevernatze became a very personal project and issue for its director (Paul Palazón), producers, actors (including familiar faces such as Melani Olivares, Saturnino Garcia, Jesus Noguero and Roberto Alamo) and crew throughout the years.

SHEVERNATZE finally arrived to Spanish theatres following a different distribution strategy - using street promotion. On one hand, online viral campaigns via social networks and blogs, and on the other hand, a communication plan focused on generating buzz through innovative in-person activities, like showing the trailer to potential viewers while queuing at the cinema. Summarising: A low-cost promotion and distribution that has generated awarness by itself and was adapted to multiple distribution formats. This video illustrates graphically

In 2010, the film reached several legal Internet platforms, both for cable operators and Video On Demand. Since late 2011, the DVD, with many suggestive extras that make it "almost perfect independent film handbook", is on sale at FNAC and online:

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