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Valentin is an attractive successful executive and a loving model family guy. He met his beloved wife Mamen while queuing for the cinema. There he comes across Hector, an old school mate, by chance.

EL MOMENTO JUSTO (“The right time”) is a short film that was born from a test script that Gonzalo Visedo made in 2008. After that, Gonzalo reworked the idea into a screenplay with the aim of presenting it at the Madrid Region “Meeting of writers and producers”, becoming the most valued pitch. Later, with Hugo Serra incorporated as producer, EL MOMENTO JUSTO won a Screenwriting Competition in Aviles, in 2009. The €6,000 prize money was used for a modest yet effective production, featuring well-known-actors such as Dario Paso, Dani Mateo and Elena Ballesteros. The result is a bitter comedy, very blunt and with stylish end-credits. It has been awarded as “best comedy”, as “best social short” and the work of the actors (Dani Mateo and Dario Paso) was also recognized. It has also received a special mention for its screenplay, and “best short film shot in Asturias”.  One job that has given a lot of joy can be seen as extra content on the British comedy In the Loop’s DVD, directed by Armando Ianucci, released in Spain by AVALON.

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