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Two Basque mountaineers have an accident on one peak in Southern Spain. The search and rescue team locate them. A strong blizzard forces the four men to refuge in a small cave. Surviving this night will change the life of one of them forever.

TCHANG is an adventure genre medium-length film. This type of story, about friendship and redemption in a surviving and limit situation, is something weird in Spain. This project combines the efforts of four production companies from Madrid, Seville, Malaga and Euskadi, over a three period. The final budget was €80,000. It was filmed on location in Sierra Nevada, in a refrigerated warehouse in Madrid (where we built a set simulating a cave in the mountains), and in the streets of downtown Vitoria. It’s written and directed by Gonzalo Visedo, assisted in the direction by Swedish filmmaker Daniel Strömbeck. Starring Martxelo Rubio, Gorka Lasaosa, Juan Aroca and Jose Luis Ayuso. The short film was seen by 150,000 people during the 15 days it was on-line (November 2011) and had wide media coverage. TCHANG was selected as one the ten Nominated Short Films for the Goya Awards 2012, selected for twenty international festivals and has won the Silver Biznaga for Best Director at the Festival de Málaga in 2011.

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