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Un milagro bastante probable
Un milagro bastante probable

Hugo Serra and Daniel San Roman shot an interview with Pablo Palazón and Carlos Yuste in 2003. Eight years later, they've finished editing the documentary which, with rhythm and humour, tells the unexpected story of a risky, different and genuine film.

SHEVERNATZE is a kind of cinematic miracle, but with a great ending: it was released in cinemas in 2009 with good results.  Now this documentary "that explains everything" serves as a sales tool so that SHEVERNATZE will be seen by even more people. And has been produced with the honest intention of trying to recuperate the €230,000 that the producers are out of pocket.

The documentary, 40 minutes in length, was obviously included as an extra on the SHEVERNATZE DVD commercial edition and has been sent to twenty festivals, to increase its visibility. Of these, we only got one selection, but with an award as unexpected "gift". BLACK INTERNATIONAL CINEMA BERLIN, in its 2012 edition, has considered "Quite a possible Miracle" as Best Documentary Production.

The highlight of this work is to show the facets that almost nobody takes into consideration when making the "making of" of a film: the actual difficulties, the journey of the film at festivals, the process of finding distribution and how to promote the film for the premiere. The editing has the style Hugo Serra and Daniel San Román already showed in Baratometrajes, although some of the material is domestic quality. Considering all this QUITE A POSSIBLE MIRACLE still maintains high educational value and could serve as a lesson for other filmmakers to know what they can find in these truly independent adventures when we are doomed.

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